Michael Tedder

About Me

Hello there, thanks for visiting. Won't you come in? Can I get you something? Tea? Lemonade? Beer?

My name is Michael Tedder. I am a freelance writer who has contributed to Spin, The Village Voice, The A.V. Club, Paste, CMJ and The Orlando Sentinel, amongst others. In my spare time I cook, read, practice yoga and struggle valiantly to give my cat his allergy medicine. I was born in Orlando, Florida and I currently live in Greenpoint (and would appreciate it if you didn't hold that against me.)

If you have any questions, by all means contact me at mtedder [at] gmail [dot] com or twitter / mtedder and I'll almost certainly get back to you in within a reasonable amount of time. Until then, look around a bit. You will see that there's a blog to the left of you and clips to your right.